We are 100% in the business of getting you fitter, leaner & healthier. We believe in living well balanced lives, complimented by a fitness regime that works. 


We offer complete assistance to help you change your life, and with our coaches knowledge and experience, we are sure we can offer you the correct approach to help you reach your goals. 



In a sentence: "Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity, across broad time and modal domains."

 A blend of strength, cardio and gymnastic elements in a mix of patterns for time, reps or rounds. A one hour class with a warm up, strength or skill work, cardio/HIIT and cool down.


The optimum fitness solution. 


Baseline Fitness

Very similar to CrossFit, but with a slight variation making it much more accessible for those who are new to fitness.

 A blend of strength, cardio and indoor/outdoor elements in a mix of patterns for time, reps or rounds. Working as an individual, pairs, and team over a 45 minute class with a warm up, 3-4 different mini workouts, and a cool down.


The best stepping stone to CrossFit, or a session for general health and well-being.  

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CrossFit Kids, Pre-Teens and Teens is based at CrossFit JXL.


Our aim is to help promote a healthy lifestyle for children. 


We will be focusing on moving correctly, Gymnastics, HIIT Training and a little bit of Olympic Lifting.

CrossFit Kids